£1,495 - 1 day course

SKINTOX™ using NANO technology injecting techniques

SKINTOX™ using NANO technology injecting techniques introducing the cutting edge anti-ageing treatment using botulinum toxins type A


SKINTOX™ uses a new method of NANO technology with our patented delivery system. Be the first to offer this brand new revolutionary treatment and earn a minimum of £500 per vial.

Nano-needling punctures the skin, which helps our unique botulinum based product fully absorb into the skin. The depth that the needles penetrate the skin make Nano-needling unique. Nano-needling only reaches the upper layer of the epidermis reducing fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, swelling or dark areas.

Course Duration

1 day course - Start: 9:30 am, Finish: 4:30 pm.

NEW REVOLUTIONARY anti-ageing treatment that lasts up to 12 weeks
Reduce fine line wrinkles
Relax crow’s feet (closer under the eyes than ever before)
Give improved appearance of skin pores
Give oily skin the boot
Say goodbye to Crepy skin
Give your clients the "red carpet" look - 24/7
Treat areas of the face previously no-go areas

Treatment Areas:
Neck & Chest
Once qualified practitioners of SKINTOX™ can charge clients £250 per area

Please note: this course is for qualified aesthetic practitioners only (trained in botulinum toxins type A)

Models for practical training

All models provided throughout the training.

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