Laser & IPL Level 4

The course is scheduled over 3 days, then a later assessment date. You will be able to identify hair and skin conditions and the qualification is mapped to NOS and is accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

Both theory and practical application are delivered by qualified laser practitioners. aUK has a range of different laser and IPL machines, which will all be used during the training. You will be able to complete consultations with clients to identify suitability for laser and light treatments.

You will learn:

Introduction to laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
Differences between laser and IPL technology and treatments
Health & safety and hazards
Room preparation - essential equipment and set up
Anatomy of hair- growth cycle; factors affecting hair growth
Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1-6
Time gaps between treatments
Selecting different equipment with appropriate parameters
How to change parameters for different results and different skin types
Contra-indications to laser and light treatments
Laser protocols
Performing patch tests
Practical application of using lasers and IPL equipment
Practical participation of receiving treatments
Record keeping
Cautions in respect of sun exposure
Aftercare advice
Skin rejuvenation of redness; pigmentation; fine lines and wrinkles; superficial
Skin tightening
Anatomy of skin - layers of the skin; collagen; hyaluronic acid
Skin diseases
Vascular stains - cherry angiomas, venous lake, port wine, spider nevi, facial
and leg spider veins
Cooling techniques - what can be cooled and what can’t
Practical treatments for skin tightening
Practical treatments for skin rejuvenation
Practical treatments for pigmentation

Course Duration

3 day course

The course fee requires an additional £110 VTCT registration fee.

Learning Objectives

Models for practical training

All models are provided for you throughout your training.

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