Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend your courses?

We train a variety of professionals who wish to be certified as aesthetic practitioners including:
Beauty Therapists trained to NVQ level 3 with electrolysis
Surgeons and trainee surgeons
General practitioners
Registered Nurses
Other medical professionals such as paramedics and hygienists

Do you train beauty therapists?

We offer training to Beauty Therapists who have obtained an NVQ level 3 qualification with electrolysis.

Do I need to bring my certificates to the course?

You will need to provide proof of your qualifications upon booking your course to ensure the training is tailored to your individual knowledge and experience.

Is there much practical experience included in the course?

One of the ways we are different to other training providers is that we encourage as much practical experience as possible during the course. We will provide a number of models to facilitate this.

What happens if I have a worry about a particular issue during my training?

Because we often work one on one with students we are able to tailor the course to suit your experience and requirements. If you have concerns about the content of the course or how the course is progressing then our training team will be happy to help, ensuring that your training is as effective and rewarding as possible.

Will I get a course certificate?

Each student receives a certificate upon successful completion of the course. This can also be used to apply for the relevant insurance.

Will I need to provide models for case study practice?

If you have someone who would like to be a model, then you are more than welcome to arrange a time for them to attend. If you don’t then don’t worry, we will provide models for you to gain practical experience with.

What happens once I have booked onto a course?

We will always discuss and agree the best course for each individual on the phone, based on your requirements, knowledge, and experience. When you book onto a course you will receive confirmation of your booking, an invoice, and all the relevant information required to make your training a success.

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